Special recipe sauteed Meatballs

When hearing the name stir-fry meatballs, the possibility that will appear is some people will doubt the flavor that will be presented with the menu. Bakso may only be popular as the main ingredient of cow soup that mixed with ISO, tripe, etc. or mixed with sausage as the main ingredient of nasi goreng.

Special recipe sauteed Meatballs
Special recipe sauteed Meatballs

In fact, stir-fry meatballs can turn meatballs that are only popular with the two famous menus on the top of being a new menu that is not less delicious. Stir-fry meatballs to be discussed here also use sausages as a combination. Good for meatballs and sausages

Required Materials:

8 Grains cow or chicken meatballs, cut into pieces
3 bars of cow or chicken sausage, cut to taste
4 string beans, cut with size and shape according to taste
1 bar carrot, sliced lengthwise
50 grams of baby corn, each cut into 4 parts
2 red cayenne pepper, thinly sliced
White Water to taste
Butter or margarine for sautling

Delicate herbs:

1/2 onion cloves thinly sliced
1 Salam leaves
1 The vertebrae of the galangal
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
3 garlic cloves are spread then finely chopped
Sweet soy sauce to taste
Sugar to taste
Salt and pepper powder to taste

How to make:

Heat the butter until it melts.
Stir fry onions and garlic until it becomes fragrant.
Stir in chilli, Salam leaves, galangal and sauteed together until fragrant.
Add beef meatballs, beef sausages and carrots and stir-fry until the carrot becomes tender.
Add baby corn and also beans and sauteed briefly.
Add the white water and wait until it boils.
Add sweet soy sauce, granulated sugar, oyster sauce, salt, and pepper powder and stir until blended.
After all the ingredients change to mature, turn off the stove.
Stir-fry meatballs are ready to be your dish and family.

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